Winter Living 

By Selina Lake

Photography by Debi Treloar


Growing up in the heart of up state New York, winters during my childhood were always filled with picturesque moments in the snow. I have distinct memories of collecting pine cones that we later burned in the wood stove, building igloos into the snow drifts along the driveway and sipping egg nog whilst wrapping heaps of Christmas presents. To this day I have always found winter a luxurious time of year that should be indulged in as much as possible.

Selina Lake’s Winter Living is gorgeously indulgent and even though I have been reluctant to give up August’s warm summer nights in exchange for September’s chilly grey mornings, this stunning collection of rustic country homes and glowing rooms filled with Christmas comforts has me welcoming the change of season with open arms.

Beautifully striking photography throughout the book showcases rooms in Selina’s own home where her style and unique décor offer inspirational ideas for you to recreate this winter. With each image, Selina gives additional ideas for creating the look and where to find accessories to complete the effect, making Winter Living the perfect choice for restyling your home once the leaves begin to fall.

Not only does she use traditional warm reds, deep blues and greys to create impactful wintery living rooms, Selina also demonstrates that rustic colours can be used to create equally welcoming seasonal themes. Taking inspiration from retro fabric, Selina pairs warm mustard and mid-century florals with contemporary art, creating on-trend styles that are fit for an eclectic and charming winter home.

mid-century rustic

This style blends a retro style of furniture with rustic colours and wood-clad walls, as you can see in this traditional wooden house set in the Norwegian countryside, decorated with vintage and rustic finds mixed with modern essentials and rustic styling. Mid-Century Modern describes a design period from roughly 1933–65, when designers such as Charles and Ray Eames and British furniture manufacturer Ercol were designing high-quality pieces of modern furniture with clean lines. I love how the classic designs are still very on-trend 40 years on. I like to mix rustic elements with classic 1960s designs to create an eclectic rustic style.

Earthy tones and botanical prints have been mixed with a retro easy chair in this Norwegian living space (above). The different textiles create interest and comfort, and the corner sofa offers an inviting space for all the family. Collections of artwork, photography and prints have been grouped together on the walls and the vintage floral cushions/pillows in browns and orange tones give the modern sofas a retro feel.

This huge, rustic wood kitchen table is where the family hangs out. There is a mix of Mid-Century Eames chairs, industrial-style work chairs and second-hand wooden chairs. The rustic natural wood wall stands next to the collection of framed prints and artworks, which have been grouped together alongside a bold wall calendar. The retro-style brass half-globe pendant light is the perfect height for overhead soft lighting, while the handmade copper-pipe candelabra adds a cool industrial touch. The Fine Little Day autumn-leaves ceramics are well-suited to this room. It’s a cosy space for a lovely cup of tea (below left). This old rustic wood ladder, leaning against a natural wood-clad wall, makes a great place to hang blankets (below right). Framed by the amazing wooden wall, the white living space features a Mid-Century Modern shelving unit that houses the family’s books (below).

This winter will be the first year we’ve been able to enjoy our home without having paint pots and towers of DIY materials on display in the living room. With the use of Selina’s stunning book on inspirational winter styling, I’m looking forward to creating a winter wonderland in our tiny home.

Full of texture, vibrancy and gorgeous hand made projects to inspire you this winter, Selina Lake’s Winter Living is the perfect interiors book to curl up with this season.

Extract taken from Winter Living by Selina Lake, photography by Debi Treloar, published by Ryland Peters & Small Available in all good book shops and on Amazon.  

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