What a year. I haven’t a clue where to begin with this recap as it has been such a topsy-turvy year that there are many things I’d like to leave out – like the great banister battle disaster, standing on a ladder late at night with a scraper in one hand and a glass of wine in another, discovering a bed bug infestation post holiday to Turkey, discovering the bed bug infestation wasn’t cured by expensive pest control man, finally ridding ourselves of the pesky buggers, changing jobs, agonising over wall colours, battling with English weather and its impact on our lovely freshly painted sash windows.

Throughout the year I found I couldn’t write about these things because I didn’t want to have to live them more than they were a part of our every waking moment (particularly the bugs!) But we have big plans for 2016 in this little home and I am looking forward to sharing every moment here. Well, maybe not every moment. There are only so many ways you can recount painting skirting boards or scrubbing an oven, but we’ll see where we go with things.

Every week we say how much we love this place, flaws aside, and have never felt more at home. Each picture hung and shelf placed makes it feel more like ours. Here’s to it becoming more of a home in the New Year!


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