MADE Brighton this year featured a striking collection of work from artists across the country. Pottery, glass, jewellery and wall art were all prominent at the fair. It certainly felt like Christmas Present Central. Although I wasn’t in the market for jewellery on this particular occasion, the displays were phenomenal, and the magpie in me was particularly drawn to the work of Katie Weiner, whose designs blend stunning vintage pieces with contemporary elements.

As a life-long paper lover, I always gravitate to wall art and prints in particular. This exhibit showcased several iconic Brighton designers, including the work of Joanna Corney. I couldn’t leave the exhibition without one of her stunning prints of the Brighton Pavilion.

Other works I loved included the vibrant prints by John Dilnot, and the funky design-led stationary and wall art from Witshop.

Original and striking wall art such as the neon designs seen by these two artists are delightful and constantly inspiring. The colours of each are incredibly exhilarating and would heighten the mood of any room.

These works represent a very small sample of the creativity that was on display at this year’s MADE Brighton Design and Craft Exhibition. To find out more about the artists who were exhibiting during the show visit the MADE Brighton gallery.

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