IMG_1094We sat on the bare wood floors, sipping prossecco out of pint glasses displaying the logo from our estate agent.

‘I just can’t believe it,’ I repeated, overwhelmed by the reality of being homeowners. I peeled myself off the floor. Touching the windowsill I whispered to James, ‘This it our window sill’. I moved between the small, empty rooms, brushing my hands over the doors and walls, feeling every inch of our new home. ‘And these are our stairs, and our radiators, and this is our skirting board.’

‘That might eventually get a little annoying,’ James said up with a grin and tipped back a mouthful of prossecco.

Over the last few months, friends had joked that James and I had bought a shoebox to live in. In defense, when talking about the flat to co-workers and friends, I had become accustomed to describing it as, very specifically, a two bedroom flat but small. Very small. Like, the-master-bedroom-fits-a-bed-and-all-walls-touch-the-sides-of-the-mattress kind of small. I’d recognise the look of pity on their faces and defend our purchase, saying ‘but the living room is much bigger than you would imagine, and it has a gorgeous kitchen. There isn’t much of a view but… every room gets natural sunlight all day.’ Perhaps I felt I needed to justify our decision to buy a place of our own that was so very little.

IMG_0779I became envious of people’s spaces. After looking at many flats over many months with a certain budget, one begins to feel incredibly grateful for any and all space available. When you have to work with small spaces (and make the most of them) an alcove takes on a world of its own and could be used in any way imaginable. Viewing a new property on the market allows you to get creative in thinking about the potential a space has – cupboards become mini home offices, or sewing rooms, and that teeny tiny bit of flat roof becomes an exotic roof terrace.

IMG_0868When we discovered our new home, we knew instantly it had huge potential for being a great property. Albeit, a small one. We would just need to get creative and use all the space available. And thus sparked my inspiration for Home Little Home, a space to share creative ideas for impossibly small spaces. In each DIY feature I’ll be sharing updates on our home improvements as well as creative solutions for working with small rooms. There will be creative projects, homemade crafty ideas to get you inspired by your little home and feature articles showcasing other little homes that are big inspirations!

Welcome to our Home Little Home!

– Meredith x

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